Why do we need an Engagement Shoot?

Three points: a) To capture the joy of your engagement in professional photos. b) To have great images for your -Save the Date- and invitations. c) To get to know each other and overcome any camera shyness.


How can we book you for our wedding?

It's simple. Contact me. If you haven't received a response within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. Unfortunately, some messages have ended up there in the past. We'll schedule a meeting to get to know each other. If you're convinced, confirm the booking, and I'll secure the date for you, providing all the necessary information.


When is the latest we should book you?

There's no strict deadline, but of course, the earlier, the better. Just reach out and check my availability for your wedding date.


Do you travel for weddings?

I love traveling for weddings and am happy to accompany you worldwide. I've traveled for weddings to Mexico and Colombia. As a travel enthusiast, I always find cost-effective travel options. I pass on the costs for travel and accommodation directly to you, without charging for travel time.


What if you get sick just before the wedding?

I have a large network of excellent photographers who can step in at the same conditions. If you prefer, I can still handle the photo editing. This way, you'll get the pictures in my familiar style.


How long should we allocate for the couple's shoot on the wedding day?

I recommend planning one to two hours for the bridal-couple's shoot, depending on whether it takes place "on location" or if we need to travel somewhere.


When is the best time for the couple's shoot?

From a photography perspective, the "golden hour" is the best time, which is the hour before sunset. During this time, the light is warm, soft, and flattering. From a scheduling standpoint, the session should be shot during the reception/before dinner. 


We don't like posed photos, do we have to pose for the pictures?

No, I want you to feel comfortable. You'll hardly notice me for most of the day. Occasionally, I may give you some tips. If you want more guidance, I'm happy to provide it.


I don't know what to do in front of the camera, can you give us tips on poses?

Yes, I can. Besides wedding photography, I'm also an experienced lifestyle and fashion photographer. By the way, the best way to overcome camera shyness and get to know each other is through an Engagement Shoot.


Will all wedding guests be photographed?

I do my best to photograph as many guests as possible. If you want to be absolutely sure, I recommend adding a second photographer.


How many photos will be digitally optimized?

All pictures will be digitally optimized in my characteristic style. I ensure that you appear in your best light while keeping the images natural.


How many pictures will we get?

In short: you'll receive all the good pictures. That means I only delete images that are unflattering. The number of pictures varies depending on the duration of the coverage and the number of guests. More detailed information can be found here.


How are the pictures delivered?

The top 20 pictures and my personal summary of the wedding will be provided in a password-protected online gallery. You can share the gallery with your guests and download the images individually or in a ZIP folder. Additionally, you'll receive all high-resolution images (500+) on a USB stick.


Do you create wedding albums?

Yes, I put a lot of passion into them. The albums are of high quality and beautifully crafted. However, I understand that some couples prefer to create their album to save money. Therefore, you can optionally book the album. More information is available here.


How long does it take to receive the pictures?

You'll typically receive Photo Booth pictures within 48 hours and the full coverage within 4-6 weeks.


Can we privately publish the pictures?

Yes, absolutely.


How long do you keep the pictures?

I store the raw images for 12 months (without guarantee). Afterwards, the raw images are deleted, and I only retain the images from the finished coverage. It's crucial to regularly create a backup of the pictures. If there is a loss, you can still contact me. I have a sophisticated backup strategy, and it's likely I can recover your images even in 30 years.