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 "The wedding is much more than just the ceremony and a few posed bridal-couple pictures."


Date, location, invitations, wedding dress, suit, service providers, wedding rings, guests, menu, ... the list could go on and on. For months, you have planned and organized. Then the big day arrives. Your friends and family have taken time off and traveled specifically to celebrate you and your love.

On the wedding day, everything comes together. That's why more and more couples wish to capture not only the ceremony but everything around the wedding. This ranges from preparations to the party. Pictures of invitations, wedding rings, and lovingly designed decorations are just as important as the classic pictures of the couple. However, the focus is on the atmosphere of the day.


I, as a photographer, see myself not just as a technical expert but as a "Visual-Storyteller." Each image on its own and all images together tell a story. I capture small details and big emotions and immerse myself in the wedding party. Only then can I capture authentic emotions. Many couples tell me that when looking at the wedding pictures, they already think about their children and grandchildren who will one day view the pictures and experience the emotions of the day. That is a great motivation for me and gives my work a deeper meaning.


Every wedding documentary is different. However, broadly speaking, they can be divided into four areas: preparation, official program (ceremony, reception, dinner, party), bridal-couple shoot, and details.

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